"There is always something left to love"

About Me


Dear reader,

I was born in a little village in Bengal, hundred kilometers away from Kolkata.  Before the age of three, my father introduced me to the world of drawings. Since then, drawing is giving me company in my happiness, in my darkest hours.  I have started experimenting with photographs when I was in my undergraduate college. I was a member of Jadavpur University Photographic Club, one of the oldest photographic club of Asia. Currently, I work with them as a mentor.

My photographs mostly depict my thoughts about life and the universe. If I cannot take a photograph, or if the frame is imaginary, I try to draw it in my own way. I have travelled many places of Indian subcontinent to photograph its people and nature. I am interested in photo essays and open to take assignments.

Presently, I am a post graduate student in Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. Apart from photography and drawing, I like to travel a lot, read a few, and of course, write a little.

Please drop me an email in case of any comments/ suggestions/ assignments/ just-a-chat at oblivion.in@gmail.com or find me at Facebook

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