The afternoons are mixed with joy and despair. For those, who can play well, it is pure joy to spend the afternoons with footballs and the sweet sound of the bat. However, all of them are not fortunate enough like them. Those are the introverts, they are always in the dilemma of playing and not playing. The dilemma stays for a long time for their life. Most of them choose to stay on the other side of the playground. They just spend the afternoons with the role of spectators and with the dreams of running through the defense with a ball.


Spending your childhood afternoons in a hostel is altogether a different experience than what you have spent with the love of your parents and relatives. The afternoon is the time of the day when we all wish to break the boundaries. The afternoons in a hostel is a completely different world. Inside those caged boundaries of the hostel, there are many cages. Some want to break those cages by just running with balls or hitting the ball as hard as they can. Some just cannot and accept their confinement. They just see them playing whom they wish to become.


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