The Happiest One: A travelog on Bhutan


A Traveler’s Inn: Bhutan Crossing

“The immigration office of Bhutan is closed. Government holiday.” They told us before we reach for our papers. The train was already late for an hour and a half and we rushed to the Bhutan immigration office at Jaigaon from Hasimara station. As the office closed, we went for lunch. Then we checked the room. It was a nice cozy room with warm sunlight. We took the room for Rs. 1050. Right now, sitting on the sofa, I am writing this to you. The last sunlight falls on my pen. It created a nice shadow over the yellow toned handmade paper. Spending the afternoon is easy here. You just have to sit beside the window and watch people from different parts of two countries. The Bhutan gate is standing still as a symbol of the last Himalayan monarchy. Continue reading