The Little Momo Shop Of Her


Day: Unknown,

or, I lost track of it.

Inside our small hut, a music from another continent is playing. I could not understand one word of it. This is not the first time, but not inside a small hut of a silent valley, nor with the friends from another continent.

A little while ago, three of us went for a small walk. We stopped by the little momo shop where I have visited many years ago in a similar winter night. She does not make momo anymore. I praised her and her momo, and she agreed to make momo for us tomorrow morning. We then asked her for tea. We sat beside her wooden oven to make ourselves warm. In some time, we lost in our thoughts watching her cooking for her family. Her husband and brother came after their daily work and they started chatting about us, the new girl her brother fell for, and about tomorrow’s momo.

I went back to a winter evening when my little brother and me sitting beside our mother and was making rice cake from the same mud oven. Sometimes we put some wood inside the oven to keep it working. Father came back from his work and asked her about her day.

This woman of this silent village spent her days in poverty, but she always has a smile in her face.

Name of the place: Rishyop, A silent village near Kalimpong.
How to reach: From Kalimpong go to Lava. Then Lava to Rishyop.


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